Flamingo Las Vegas — Take Off From Here

Cheap, kitschy, and located in the middle of The Strip, The Flamingo gives ballers on budgets a room to take off from and land in.

Copywriter Whitney Repole

We'll let bargain travelers in on the best deal of the year by placing “promotional brochures” in the seat back pockets of budget airlines.

The Flamingo encourages road-trippers to take "a rest" in Vegas.

We'll use a pesky, digital flamingo to annoy travel site users that have forgotten to remember it.

An AR filter triggers on board a Vegas bound airplane, letting Snapchat users announce the start of their vacation.

Between 3-6 A.M., a photographer will snap pictures of Flamingo-ers returning the hotel. These pictures will be uploaded to an online gallery so that guests can look back fondly on their debauchery.

When checking out, don't forget to grab a postcard to put on your desk to remind yourself of the glorious times spent at the Flamingo.